The Art of Style

Discover the creatives who express themselves by matching and combining different jewellery. See how they layer necklaces, stack rings and mix different metals in a unique way — and define their very own art of style.


Malù dalla Piccola


The Art of Style with painter Malù Dalla Piccola and Georg Jensen. Express yourself through jewellery.


Italian artist Malù dalla Piccola spends her days brushing large canvas boards in her spacious apartment. With a job that requires comfortable everyday wear, her creative expression comes to life both by day and night. No matter the occasion, she enjoys stacking rings of different metals and sporting bold pieces to boost her confidence.

"I wear jewellery to feel empowered, it makes me feel stronger."

  • 18 kt. yellow gold, Diamonds
  • 18 kt. yellow gold
  • 18 kt. yellow gold, Sterling Silver
  • Sterling Silver
Gold and sterling silver rings from Georg Jensen styled on painter Malù Dalla Piccola

Stack your rings like Malù

Mixing metals and styles combining bold with minimal, Malù stacks multiple Georg Jensen rings. Shown here, Malù wears a single statement Curve Ring and Large Mercy Ring. These are matched with three stacked Mercy rings on one hand and two stacked Offspring rings on the other, in 18-karat gold with handset diamonds.


Jiawa Liu


The Art of Style with photographer Jiawa Liu and Georg Jensen. Express yourself through jewellery.


Styling jewellery for Jiawa Liu is all about striking a balance. A photographer and fashion blogger, she keeps an extensive collection that gathers everything from everyday studs to statement pieces ideal for an evening out. And depending on her outfit, she picks what pieces to match.


“What I like about jewellery is that I can always have more or less and create the perfect balance.”

  • Sterling Silver
  • Sterling Silver
  • Sterling Silver
Sterling silver necklaces and jewellery from Georg Jensen styled on photographer Jiawa Lui

Match your jewellery like Jiawa

Layering necklaces is one of many ways Jiawa likes to style her jewellery. Here, she wears the Offspring chain necklace and the medium-sized Mercy pendant in sterling silver, both designed by Jacqueline Rabun for Georg Jensen.


Maria Bernad


The Art of Style with designer Maria Bernard and Georg Jensen. Express yourself through jewellery.


If Maria Bernad had one word to describe her style, that would be eclectic. A trained fashion designer, she runs her brand selling upcycled clothing. With a passion for all things vintage, she enjoys mixing jewellery from different periods in time. “I can wear a 90s piece next to an 80s heart, I take everything I like and put it together,” she says.

“I love how jewellery can change an outfit.
If I wear something entirely black and add a huge chunky necklace, I'll have an entirely new look.”

Gold and sterling silver rings from Georg Jensen styled on designer Maria Bernard

Find your eclectic jewellery mix like Maria

Maria knows how to perfectly match rings of different metals. Here, she wears designs by Jacqueline Rabun for Georg Jensen in sterling silver and 18-karat gold, stacking both Offspring rings and Mercy rings.

Style it your way

As we’ve seen, the beauty of layering jewellery lies in its endless combinations. There’s no set way of matching rings, necklaces and earrings — it all comes down to your unique expression.  

Explore Georg Jensen’s Mercy, Offspring and Curve collections that keep inspiring creatives like Jiawa, Malù and Maria shape their style. And discover how to define your own.