Sterling silver 2021 heart shaped necklace with pendant on model from the Hearts collection

Hearts of Georg Jensen

Georg Jensens hjärtan har i många år tillverkats i samarbete mellan designhuset och olika designers. Ett urval hängsmycken i silver och guld i en äkta kärlekshyllning genomsyrad av den skandinaviska stilen.
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    HEARTS OF GEORG JENSEN halsband med hängsmycke
  • Sterlingsilver, 18 k gult guld
    kr 6 995,00
  • 18 k gult guld, Diamanter
    kr 17 900,00
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Hearts of Georg Jensen: An Eternal Symbol of Love

One of the most powerful metaphors for love, a heart necklace in silver and gold has particular significance as the pendant lies over the wearer’s heart itself. It will be a gift of jewellery that forever reminds them of you.

Over many years, we have invited some of our most celebrated designers to create gold and silver heart pendant necklaces that reflect their own visual identity but each one unified by the wish to express love.

Ranging from beautifully crafted, classic representations to highly abstracted contemporary jewellery pieces, our heart necklaces represent the diversity of love. Choose the one that suits the woman in your life.