How it works - three easy steps to the perfect gift


We offer 2 different gift card types. 
Choose between:

  • an electronic gift card (delivery via email) for instant gifting occasions
  • A physical card to be sent directly to you or your loved ones.

Explore and select your favourite.


Select your gifting amount from the dropdown menu, with available values from AUD $50 to AUD $1,000.


Purchase a Georg Jensen physical gift card only or combine it with other products from our shop. Please note that e-Cards cannot be combined with other products.
Regardless of the option you choose, our checkout offers a variety of payment methods and will facilitate a quick purchase process.

More information about gift cards

For more information, please see our terms and conditions.

Check the balance of your Georg Jensen gift card

Gift card balance:

Gift Card FAQ

Can I use more than one gift card as payment?

Yes, you can add up to three gift cards for an order during checkout.

How can I check my gift card balance?

You can check the balance of your gift card by inserting your card no. and PIN within the "Check the balance of your Georg Jensen gift card" field above the FAQ. You can also check your balance on the payment page at checkout.

How do I order a gift card?

Georg Jensen gift cards can be purchased online. Select your desired gift card amount and add the card to the basket. Please note that E-gift cards cannot be combined with other products.

How do I redeem my gift card?

On the checkout payment page, you can tick the Gift Card box, which enables a section to insert your card number and PIN.

What gift card amount can I buy?

We offer gift cards from $50 to $1000.

What if I need more than my gift card balance for my purchase?

 You can always make a partial payment with your gift card and pay the rest with one of our other payment methods.

Where can I purchase my gift card?

You can purchase a gift card either from our online store or any of our corporate stores. Please note that you can only use the gift card in the country of issue.

Where can I use my gift card?

You can use your gift card in the country you purchased it, either on our online store or any of our corporate stores. Please note that you can only use the gift card in the country of issue.

What happens if I use less than the entire amount in one order?

After your purchase, any remaining balance will be saved for next time as long as you use it before the expiry date.

What happens to my gift card if I return my order which was partially or fully paid with a gift card?

If you have paid an online order partially or fully with an E-Gift card, we will refund the paid amount to your E-Gift Card and resend it to your email.
If you are returning an item purchased in one of our corporate stores, you can return it in a store and receive a refund with a new physical gift card.

What should I do if my gift card does not work?

If you have issues with your gift card work, please check the remaining balance by clicking here. You can also check your cards expiry date on the card or via your email. If you are still experiencing issues after having checked this, please get in touch with our customer service.

What can I do if I've lost my gift card or someone else has used it?

As gift cards are another payment method, they are treated like cash. Gift cards cannot be replaced if they are lost, stolen,  or damaged; nor if someone else uses it.

How many gift cards can I buy simultaneously?

You can purchase as many gift cards as you wish in one order, which will all be delivered to the address entered at checkout. Please note that e-gift cards can't be purchased with any other products.

How can I add a personal message to my gift card?

When you purchase physical gift cards, you will receive an envelope with space to write a personal message. For e-gift cards, you can add your message on the product page before you add the card to the basket.

When does a Georg Jensen gift card expire?

The gift card is valid for three years from purchase. You can see the purchase date on your card’s envelope or the e-card. The card automatically deactivates if you use the entire balance before expiration.