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Materials - Jewellery

Georg Jensen jewellery is hand crafted from high quality metals and precious gemstones. Great care and attention to detail goes into designing, selecting the materials and crafting each piece, so they can be treasured from years to come as future heirlooms.


Diamonds are the hardest material found in nature. It is the clearest material, refracting light in a way that is utterly unique. 

Georg Jensen gold jewellery is crafted in 18 kt gold and feature diamonds of minimum colour G and VS in clarity.

Our silver jewellery is made from sterling silver set with diamonds G-H in colour and I3 in clarity. All our silver pieces with diamonds are rhodium plated to keep the luster of the diamonds intact throughout the lifetime of the jewellery.

Our diamonds are all set by hand by skilled craftsmen.


The 4C’s

Diamonds come in a range of sizes, shapes and colours. Like a human fingerprint, no two gemstones are exactly alike. The 4 C’s — Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut —are the globally accepted standards for assessing the quality & value of a diamond.


Carat represents the actual weight of the diamond. The larger the diamond is - the greater the rarity. For this reason, larger diamonds are considerably more valuable than smaller ones.
The total carat weight for one of our jewellery designs are listed on the individual product pages.


Colour refers to the natural hue in white diamonds, ranging from ‘colourless’ to yellow and even brown tinted gemstones. The closer to being colourless the diamond is, the higher the level of brilliance the gemstone can achieve – and the rarer it is.

Georg Jensen has chosen to use a minimum of “G” colour diamonds for our gold jewellery, which are right at the threshold of colourless. A minimum of "H" colour diamonds are used in our silver jewellery.


Clarity is a measure of the purity and rarity of the stone. Most diamonds have some sort of imperfections inherent in the crystal structure of the gemstone. Less light will refract from the diamond if there are many inclusions. When these imperfections are not visible to the naked eye the rarity and value of the gemstone is increased dramatically.

Georg Jensen uses a clarity of VS - which stands for very slightly included – for our gold jewellery. For our silver styles a clarity of I3 is used.


Cut refers to how a diamond’s facets interact with light. This is determined by the facets and their proportions on the surface of a diamond - not the shape of the gemstone. Aspects of cut include symmetry and polish, but the most important factor in the quality of the cut is that a diamond’s facets are proportional. In a well-proportioned stone light enters from above and is reflected in all the facets of the bottom.


Conflict-free diamonds

Georg Jensen supports the Kimberly Process to eliminate ‘conflict diamonds’ and strictly adheres to all United Nations resolutions regarding this issue.  All our diamonds have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict, and are natural & untreated (unless otherwise specified).

In line with our high standards in sourcing materials responsibly, we have halted our supply of diamonds from Russia with immediate effect as we continue to closely monitor the crisis in Ukraine.