Grapes champagne and caviar bowl crafted in sterling silver by Georg Jensen

Grapes wine cooler & caviar bowl

A unique and distinctive version of Art Nouveau, characterised by meticulous handcrafted ornamentation and bold organic shapes.

Timeless Beauty

Art Nouveau, with its elegant flowing curves and rich decorative flourishes, defines the aesthetic of much of Europe at the turn of the 20th Century. As Georg Jensen started his own design work and silversmithy, he was hugely influenced by the movement but, as his level of skill increased, he began to develop his own interpretation. Today, his silver pieces still retain their power to bewitch and now both relaunches of original designs and new objects inspired by his work are stunning examples of timeless beauty. 

Representing the very best in both artistry and craftsmanship, Georg Jensen’s hand made sterling silver hollowware is a spectacular expression of the house’s heritage and skill.

Grapes Champagne cooler and champagne glass crafted in sterling silver by Georg Jensen
cooler and champagne glass

Originally created in 1921 by Georg Jensen himself, the wine cooler design was discovered in the archives  and  is  now  recreated  using  the  same  painstaking  attention  to  detail  as  the  original. With  its surface showing thousands of hammer marks that soften the reflection to magical effect, the cooler has  richly  decorated  handles  that,  in  true  Art  Nouveau  style,  depict  the  abundance  of  nature  in exquisite detail.

Champagne cooler and caviar bowl crafted in sterling silver from Georg Jensen

Serve with the Ultimate in Style

Great food and wine deserves to be presented in the best possible way and Georg Jensen’s Grape Collection is surely the ultimate. Evoking the spirit of Art Nouveau the new bar and tableware masterpieces are the ultimate in sophisticated beauty and offers the chance to create true heirlooms that will be passed down for generations to come.

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  • Natural cow horn, Sterling Silver
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  • Sterling Silver
Caviar bowl in sterling silver and spoon crafted in horn by Georg Jensen
Caviar bowl and spoon

Caviar has never looked so special and tempting as when served from the hand blow crystal bowl, nestled in ice in the centre of an exquisite sterling silver caviar dish, resplendent with decorative grapes and vines. Scoop it out with the matching swirly silver and horn spoon that then rests elegantly on the side of the bowl.


The Very Best in Craftsmanship

Raised from single sheets of sterling silver, the surfaces of the wine coolers, goblets and bowls feature the distinctive hammer marks that subtly diffuse the reflection and give an otherworldly shimmer that Georg Jensen himself compared to moonlight. Decorative motifs of grapes, flowers, vines and leaves are meticulously crafted by hand and painstakingly soldered onto the body of the object before polishers, using up to 120 different brushes, give the precious metal the perfect look. Finally an oxidising finish is given which adds depth and definition to every tiny detail. The whole process can take many months of precise and skilled work - something that elevates the pieces to true masterpieces.