The Edges That Shape You

Meet the five Fusion ambassadors. From singers and stylists to photographers and proud gender advocates, discover how they bring their multifaceted personalities into striking combinations of end and centre rings. And allow each Fusion component to reveal the edges that best define them. Browse through the collection of 18-karat gold and diamond-set pieces based on the original design by Nina Koppel, and build your very own.




Marianne Schrøder



Georg Jensen Fusion the Edges That Shape You with Marianne Schrøder


A trained educator and full-time model, Marianne Schrøder strongly identifies with both facets of her career. As someone who's travelled far and wide, she's keen to settle down and explore her educational background. "I want to work with people and make a difference," she says. Her 3-piece Fusion ring seamlessly combines yellow, white and rose gold. A simple yet striking piece that reflects Marianne's liking for minimal and subtle jewellery. "As I always say: I come with the jewellery, the jewellery doesn’t come with me."


Frederik Lentz Andersen



Georg Jensen Fusion the Edges That Shape You with Frederik


Frederik Lentz Andersen is a photographer and creative director busy running the Copenhagen-based creative bureau he founded. Caught between a packed social life and a demanding job, he sees himself as extravagant and spontaneous but also seriously perfectionist. He’s a proud jewellery wearer and brings the opposing facets of his personality to his two-piece Fusion combination of white gold end-rings. “I use jewellery as a way to tell people who I really am,” he says.


The Fusion Icons

Find inspiration from iconic Fusion combinations. Find the two- and three-piece rings that have over decades become the most recognisable pieces from the collection.

  • 18 kt. white gold, 18 kt. rose gold
    From A$3,200.00
  • 18 kt. white gold, Diamonds
    From A$13,000.00
  • 18 kt. yellow gold, 18 kt. white gold, 18 kt. rose gold, Diamonds
    From A$9,700.00
  • 18 kt. white gold, Diamonds
    From A$9,700.00


Vincent Beier



Georg Jensen Fusion the Edges That Shape You with Vincent


Vincent Beier is all about breaking the mould. Aged 23, he was one of the first Danish models to publicly embrace gender fluidity with pride. And has since been a staunch supporter of LGBT rights, both at home and abroad. His three-piece Fusion combination of white gold and pave-set diamonds brings his persona into one dazzling ring. And it's the sparkly centre piece that Vincent feels strongly connected to. "I love anything sparkling,"" he says, "it's who I am."


Kwamie Liv



Georg Jensen Fusion the Edges That Shape You with Kwamie Liv


Singer-songwriter Kwamie Liv has mesmerised crowds with her impressive, soothing vocals since her debut in 2014. And is now getting ready to release new music after a long break. The Danish-Zambian artist dedicated the end-rings of her Fusion combination, in 18-karat white gold, to the two most salient parts of her work: singing and writing. "I love jewellery for one simple reason," she says, "each person who wears it can make it their own."


Barbara Gullstein



Georg Jensen Fusion the Edges That Shape You with Barbara


A mother and stylist, Barbara Gullstein works as a full-time fashion editor at a Danish interior design magazine. As someone who has worked hard to reach her goals and puts heart and soul into her career, Barabara’s time off is all about winding down. “I’m a very laid-back person,” she says. Her Fusion ring represents just that, combining two rose gold rings pave-set with diamonds. “I really treasure the few pieces I wear, meaning that my jewellery has a lot to say about me.”




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