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Sterling silver is a soft material and the hollowware will therefore naturally become scratched when used. To avoid unnecessary scratching when polishing the hollowware it is important to use soft and clean cotton cloths and soft brushes. Any small remains of dried out polishing cream will scratch the silver. In order to maintain the finish it is important to follow the polishing lines. On pitchers and pots for instance this means to follow the lines going around the product – not to polish from top to bottom. Even though you follow the polishing lines the silver will become shinier over time.

We recommend wearing gloves when handling and polishing your silver to avoid unnecessary finger prints. Finger prints on polishing cream can cause discoloration which is difficult to remove.
  • Artikelnummer: 3830120
  • Tuch: 100% Baumwolle Politur: Quarz, Naphtha, hydrodesulfuriert, Rizinusöl, Sulfat, Natriumsalz