WINE Cooler 357, Silver

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This spectacular sterling silver wine cooler is entirely handmade by master silversmiths in Georg Jensen’s own workshop. The surface shows thousands of hammer marks that soften the reflection to create a magical effect capturing the beholder. The cooler has richly decorated handles which, in true Art Nouveau style, depict the abundance of nature in exquisite detail. Standing on a foot of small silver balls, it brings the peak of sophisticated style to any home whilst also becoming a true heirloom for future generations.

Originally created in 1921 by Georg Jensen himself, the wine cooler design was discovered in the archives and has now been recreated using the same painstaking attention to detail as the original. Displaying many of the key characteristics of Georg Jensen’s Art Nouveau heritage - the shimmering hammered surface, the use of the grape motif and tiny silver ball decorations - the wine cooler is a perfect example of the timeless appeal of the master’s work.

The wine cooler is exquisitely crafted from 925 Sterling silver. Raised from a flat silver sheet, entirely by hand, it takes six months for three craftsmen to create, going through hundreds of separate processes before finally being given the oxidised finish that accentuates every tiny detail of this masterpiece.


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