A message from Francesco Pesci, CEO at Georg Jensen:

With the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) we are dealing with a significant global challenge that have changed our daily habits and led to new ways of living and working.

At Georg Jensen we feel we have one clear responsibility: to protect and take care of Georg Jensen and its community of employees, business partners and consumers. Business continuity now becomes an imperative of a corporate socially responsible behavior and our contribution to mitigate the economic impact of this crisis.

At Georg Jensen we make and source our products responsibly, our products are sustainable as they are timeless, and our culture teaches us to privilege simplicity over ostentation and to innovate. This crisis reminds us of the necessity to contribute to a society that is responsible, inclusive, innovative and where we stop throwing away things we have bought just to show off or to follow the latest trend. We believe these values are the foundations of a better quality of life and think this is the truest and sustainable form of luxury.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank all our customers, suppliers, trade partners and employees for their loyalty and support, these challenging times are making our bond stronger and this will allow us to fully recover all together.

Stay safe and well,

Francesco Pesci
CEO, Georg Jensen

Vi følger naturligvis de lokale og respektive myndigheders regler og retningslinjer og derudover har vi implementeret: 

Hyppig rengøring.
Social distance.
Håndsprit til kunder og ansatte .
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