ELLIPSE keyring

ポリウレタン, ステンレススチール
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¥ 5,500
9月15日(水)から10月12日(火)までにオンラインショップを含むジョージ ジェンセン ショップ(一部店舗を除く)にて税込165,000円以上をお買い上げの方にはギフトを差し上げます。尚、ギフトの数には限りがございますので、ご了承くださいませ。
無料のギフトラッピング 無料のギフトラッピング

ELLIPSE - a sophisticated design that complements your lifestyle

The ELLIPSE keyring is masculine, elegant but casual

According to popular belief, the number of keys on one's keyring denotes the amount of responsibility in one's life. However, a keyring is also something you carry with you everywhere, holding it in your hand at least twice a day, every day. ELLIPSE packs a lot of sophisticated design into a very small package.

The rounded form of the ELLIPSE is masculine but elegant enough for either women or men. The polished surface and rounded shape are pleasantly touchable. The locking system is secure and the keyring comes on a polyurethane strap.

Reach for ELLIPSE, a keyring that accentuates your style.