Bangle watches in Sterling Silver and diamonds from the Vivianna collection designed by Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe

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For many people, a watch is as much a statement about their personality as it is a simple timepiece.  Explore our designer watches that combine striking good looks with Swiss-made quality and precision. From cool Scandinavian minimalism and classic sophistication to elegant bangle watches that are almost pieces of jewellery, there is something to match every personality and style.
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  • Calfskin, Stainless steel, Diamonds
    € 1.596,00
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  • Black calfskin, Stainless steel
    € 716,00
  • Black calfskin, Stainless steel
    € 676,00
  • € 676,00
  • Black calfskin, Stainless steel
    € 796,00
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