LEGACY Heart Bonbonniere

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LEGACY–this heart-shaped box holds sweet surprises inside

LEGACY is a wonderful gift idea

Few things are more viscerally pleasing than the curvaceous, instantly recognisable heart shape. As a box, it practically begs to be picked up, touched and opened. The shiny, scalloped chromium-plated surface forms a beautiful reflection.

The bonbonniere is ideal for its intended use–to hold candies–but also works well as a place to put keys, jewellery and other small objects.

Give it to a special someone as a Valentine’s Day or Anniversary Gift or treat yourself to a piece that is sure to make you smile for months and years to come.

Start your own LEGACY today...

  • Item number: 3401010
  • Chromium plated zinc alloy
  • Measurements: H: 55 mm. W: 120 mm. D: 121 mm. V: 400 L. Weight: 465 g
  • Design year: 2010
  • Suitable for contact with food.


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