Jardinière 1397

Sterling Silver
Masterpieces 3526780 https://www.georgjensen.com/global/fine-silverware/silver-vases/jardiniere-1397/3526780.html
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Designed by the hand of Georg Jensen in 1926, Jardinière 1397 was never put into production and remained a sketch until 2012, when the hauntingly beautiful design was rediscovered in the archives. Handcrafted from sterling silver by five craftsmen and women at the Georg Jensen silver smithy in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Jardinière represents more than 6 months of work. Giving life to this outstanding object of beauty, the skilled artisans painstakingly transformed the 85-year-old sketch into a unique and highly ornamental showpiece that is also fully functional in any contemporary setting.

The opulent Art Nouveau design is instantly recognisable from across a room. Almost 50 centimetres in width and standing just over 40 centimetres tall, the sterling silver fruit bowl has an integrated flower vase in its centre as well as flower sections on each inner side. The bowl and vase are hand-hammered to give an honest touch to the piece in perfect contrast to the elaborate ornamentation featured on the Jardinière. Finding his inspiration in his natural surroundings, Georg Jensen decorated his creation with acorns, oak foliage and wild flowers, each of which has been meticulously carved and sculpted from the precious metal to bring this truly unique and magical piece to life.

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