Curve silver necklace and mixed earrings designed by Georg Jensen

Style it out

When it comes to jewellery, it’s all in the mix. Combine your favourite pieces from across collections to create and express your unique style.

Give way to your imagination

Each piece of jewellery you own tells something about your personality so don’t be afraid to mix them together to reflect different moods. Wear silver with gold, stack different rings and bangles or wear mis-matched earrings – it’s up to you.




Combining earrings

Don’t limit yourself to wearing earrings exclusively in pairs. Combine fluid, organic-shaped silver studs, hoops and dangly earrings to add a creative touch to an outfit and showcase your unique expression.



Pair your pendants

Wearing single necklace might have its minimalist appeal. Yet sometimes it is nice to indulge in some creativity. Try wearing different versions of the same pendant –in white and yellow gold, for example – to add an original touch to your everyday look.


  • Sterling Silver
    € 144,00
  • Sterling Silver
    € 224,00
  • Sterling Silver, 18 kt. rose gold
    € 300,00
  • 18 kt. rose gold
    € 860,00


Layer your necklaces

Silver necklaces and pendants often have a special meaning to those who wear them. Layer up different combinations and styles of your favourite pendants and chains to create a contemporary look.



A handful of rings

Showcases show your personal style by wearing rings of different shades of yellow, rose and white gold at once. Stack rings on the same finger or across the hand, each one telling its own story.


  • Matte sterling silver
    € 120,00
  • 18 kt. rose gold
    € 860,00
  • Sterling Silver
    € 700,00
  • Sterling Silver
    € 200,00