MONEYPHANT with twins

MONEYPHANT with twins

Elephant 3580045



Swiss/Argentinean designer Alfredo Häberli debuts the next generation of Moneyphant. Literally, his design
features two small elephants that nest within a larger one. In keeping with his signature mixing of materials, the small
elephants are made of solid oak and fit like a puzzle piece into the original polished stainless steel form. Häberli is known
for his combinations; they are slightly unexpected, but always harmonious.
The original Moneyphant used clean lines to create a shape that was instantly recognisable by any generation. Now,
Häberli’s baby elephant is a unique touch, a removable secret that makes this money safe unlike any other.

  • Item number: 3580045
  • Materials: Mirror polished stainless steel, Oak
  • Measurements: H: 125 mm / 4.92 inches. W: 60 mm / 2.36 inches. L: 170 mm / 6.69 inches.
  • Launch year: 2011

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