GRAPE pitcher 407A

Sterling Silver, Ebony
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As most of Georg Jensen’s designs Pitcher 407A is in the Art Nouveau style with the characteristic ornamental curved lines, organic structures, decorative ornaments of flora and fauna, and the use of honest and skilfully crafted materials. The Grape Motif was first introduced in 1918 on the Grape Bowls.

This Pitcher was designed just after the end of World War 1 (1914-1918 ) - a very rich period where unprecedented abundance of money circulated, trade flourished everywhere and the Silversmithy had a record turnover. During these years Georg Jensen created some hollowware pieces more richly decorated than normally seen from his side. These pieces have a touch of it – it is more distinct in the almost baroque Candelabra No. 383.

However, very characteristic of Georg Jensen, he does show restraint in the use of decoration. The exquisite ornamentation is limited to the base leaving the rest of the item only decorated on the surface with hammer marks.

The chaser has many hours of work on the base of the pitcher. When the chaser gets the base it is totally smooth so the first step is to draw the pattern to be chased with a pencil. This is necessary to ensure that the convex shaped squares have the exact same size and that the delicate pattern underneath the grapes is laid out correctly. Then the patient work with the hammer and the punches starts.

The Pitcher 407A has an ebony handle carved with its own design and it is fitted especially for each individual pitcher. At the bottom of the base of the Pitcher you will find a rod – a strong ring of silver which has been soldered on to make the edge of the base strong and less vulnerable to dents.

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