KOPPEL Breakfast Bowl

Koppel 10020330 https://www.georgjensen.com/en-au/dining-and-bar/serveware/koppel-breakfast-bowl/10020330.html
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Minimal, elegant and functional, this white porcelain breakfast bowl beautifully elevates the first meal of the day. It was first designed in the 1960s by acclaimed Danish designer Henning Koppel, a longtime Georg Jensen collaborator.

The piece, which is part of a wider set of handsome dinnerware, marks Koppel's first foray into porcelain-ware and a major evolution in the designer's career. It represents an all-important design in his wide-spanning oeuvre of work that Georg Jensen is bringing back to life for the first time through contemporary pottery-making techniques, which ensure the dish is sturdy and long-lasting.

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