MOONLIGHT BLOSSOM ring - sterling silver

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MOONLIGHT BLOSSOM–sterling silver and precious stones come together in designs created over a century ago

The MOONLIGHT BLOSSOM collection exhibits the fundamental qualities of the Georg Jensen brand like no other collection. Many of the designs in this collection were created by Jensen himself in the early 1900s. Some are newer styles that were inspired by the original works. The amazing thing is that whether the piece is an original or a reworked style, it always feels absolutely current and contemporary. MOONLIGHT shows that beautiful, masterful design never goes out of fashion. The stones and silver come in a number of combinations so that there is truly something for everyone.

The name is taken from a Georg Jensen quote, in which he compares sterling silver to the glow of a Danish moon.



  • 商品編號:3550000
  • 材質:純銀
  • 寶石:灰色月石
  • 設計年份:1904