Offspring Collection

OFFSPRING Ring Combination

Sterling Silver, 18 kt. yellow gold, 18 kt. rose gold


€ 1.075,00
18 kt. rose gold



€ 1.075,00
18 kt. yellow gold



€ 150,00
Matte sterling silver


€ 2.300,00
Complimentary gift wrapping Complimentary gift wrapping

When you wear the Offspring pieces they should become a part of your body. They should empower you when you wear them and give you confidence. They should give you strength when you go out into the world, says Jacqueline Rabun, the designer behind the collection.

The Offspring ring is organic and classic in its appearance. It is inspired by a simple egg shape, which carries a lot of symbolism like birth, and the hope of a life filled with beautiful adventures.

The overarching theme behind the entire Offspring collection is the story of mother and child, and the unconditional love and unbreakable bond that exists between them.

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  • Item number: Offspring-20000134-20000084-20000137
  • Materials: Sterling Silver, 18 kt. yellow gold, 18 kt. rose gold
  • Collection: Offspring
  • Explore: Rings
Meet the designer
Jacqueline Rabun

American Jacqueline Rabun moved to London in 1989 and thus began her journey into the world of contemporary jewellery design. Her debut collection drew the attention of influential players in the fashion and design world.