Scandinavian home decor candleholders in medium large size and tealight candleholder from Lumis collection of Georg Jensen

Decorate your home for 
family and friends this summer


Going on vacation is a great thing but so can be staying at home! Make your own place a dream destination for both you and your friends by filling it with finishing touches that really make it welcoming. Invite people over for lunch, dinner or just a lazy day hanging out in the garden but treat them like special guests by creating an environment that is the ultimate in stylish living. And when they leave, you can go to bed with the welcome thought that you will wake up next day in your own perfect home.

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Entertaining guests starts as soon as they arrive. Make sure your table is looking its very best by using stylish cutlery that looks elegant and feels good in the hands. You eat with your eyes too so serve food from striking bowls and dishes that enhance the beauty of the meal and pour wine and water from handsome carafes and jugs.

And if you are eating outside, that’s no excuse to let things go sloppy! Serving lunch in the garden on a beautifully set table is one of summer’s most delightful treats!



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Deck the table with the Bernadotte, Alfredo and Cobra collection from Georg Jensen
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Introducing your own personality and style into a house or apartment is what elevates it from mere bricks and mortar to a place that is your sanctuary. Every decision you make about what you put in your home says something about you. Georg Jensen has a long tradition of offering home decor ideas for kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms, all made in the best materials and to the highest standards. From candle holders and vases to serving dishes and bowls, these objects are as beautiful as they are functional - surely the very essence of true Scandinavian design!