18 kt. yellow gold grapes inspired earrings from the Moonlight Grapes collection by Georg Jensen



18K 黄金耳环  纯银耳环  钻石耳环

  • 18K 黄金, 白钻
  • 18K 黄金, 白钻
  • 18K 黄金, 白钻
  • 18K 黄金, 白钻
  • 氧化纯银, 珍珠母贝
  • 18K 黄金, 白钻
  • 18K 黄金
  • 氧化纯银, 银白石
  • 雾面纯银
  • 氧化纯银, 珍珠母贝
  • 纯银, 18K 黄金
  • 18K 黄金电镀纯银, 钻石, 白瓷珐琅
  • 18K 白金, 钻石
  • 18K 白金, 钻石
  • 18K 黄金, 纯银
  • 纯银, 钻石
  • 18K 黄金, 钻石
  • 18K 黄金电镀纯银, 白瓷珐琅
  • 纯银电镀铑, 钻石, 白瓷珐琅
  • 18K 玫瑰金
  • 18K 白金, 18K 黄金, 钻石
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The Georg Jensen guide to earrings

Earrings for women are the final finishing touch to an outfit. Whether they are hoops, studs, clip-ons or climbers, they add a little something extra. The choice though can be overwhelming so here are a few pointers. 

Think about where you are going before choosing your earrings. Work might ask for small hoops and studs but a party or a wedding is surely a chance to be a bit more daring and bring out the sparkle. Never forget though that a diamond earring can work beautifully in any situation. 

Traditionally gold earrings were for evening and sterling silver ones for day. And they were never mixed. But rules are meant to be broken! Georg Jensen has a huge choice of rose, yellow and white gold earrings so don’t be scared to wear colours together. Also think about mixing rock crystals with topaz, pairing diamonds with a pearls or white enamel with silver. If you can wear two earrings in one ear, consider a hoop with a stud or a cuff with a droplet. Otherwise be asymmetric and make each ear different. The options are endless!

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