18 kt. gold and sterling silver bracelets, earrings and rings from the Mercy collection designed by Regitze Overgaard



黄金手链  纯银手链  钻石手链

  • 18K 黄金, 白钻
  • 纯银, 白钻
  • 纯银电镀铑, 白瓷珐琅
  • 纯银, 18K 黄金
  • 纯银, 18K 黄金
  • 18K 黄金, 钻石
  • 纯银, 18K 玫瑰金
  • 18K 玫瑰金, 18K 白金, 18K 黄金
  • 18K 黄金, 18K 白金, 18K 玫瑰金, 白钻
  • 纯银电镀铑
  • 18K 玫瑰金, 钻石
  • 18K 黄金电镀纯银, 白瓷珐琅
  • 18K 黄金, 白钻
  • 18K 黄金电镀纯银, 白瓷珐琅
  • 18K 白金, 白钻
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Georg Jensen’s Bracelets and Bangles

Bangles and bracelets for women are some of the most useable pieces of jewellery.  Some understated versions are worn all the time as a permanent reminder of love or a special occasion. Other bolder options are true statement pieces that catch the eye and bring some drama to an outfit. We have multiple options.

Sterling silver bracelets and gold bracelets can be the most versatile. Fine chains can be hidden under the cuff of a shirt or top only to reveal themselves as the wearer moves her hands: it’s a discrete show of luxury. Similarly a fine gold or sterling silver bangle can be worn casually throughout the day or mixed with others for a more personal look.

For evening, nothing sets off a beautiful dress more than dramatic silver or gold bangles for women.  We are famous for our organic and sculptural versions that are often unexpected in form but always eye-catching.  But for something truly special, nothing really has the magic of diamond bracelets or diamond bangles as they catch the light. 

18kt Gold bracelets Silver bracelets Diamond bracelets