CAVIAR Spoon, Silver

Georg 10019405
kr 6 900,00
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Caviar is not only a beautiful delicacy; it is a feast for the eyes too and part of the joy of eating comes from the ceremony of presentation. Use this exquisite sterling silver caviar spoon for a truly sophisticated serving. It is Handmade in Georg Jensen’s Copenhagen smithy by some of the world’s most skilled silversmiths. Designed in the flowing style of Art Nouveau, the spoon is made from horn, which is mounted on a long, elegantly curled handle that allows it to rest either on the table surface or on the side of the matching caviar bowl.

The highly decorative Art Nouveau movement was one of the defining influences of Georg Jensen himself when he founded the company. Characterised by elegant lines, organic shapes and decorations inspired by the natural world, his silver pieces of this time were the ultimate in sophistication and craftsmanship - both features that live on today in the stylish Grape Collection of bar and tableware.

The spoon is skillfully crafted from 925 Sterling silver and horn from domestic cattle. Following dozens of processes involving many hours of work, the spoon is given an oxidized finish that accentuates every perfect detail.

Produkt detaljer


  • Varenummer: 10019405
  • Materialer: Sterlingsølv
  • Mål: H: 24 mm / 0,94 tommer. L: 115 mm.
  • Designår: 2021
  • Lanseringsår: 2021
Møt designeren
Georg Jensen

I 1904 grunnla den danske sølvsmeden Georg Jensen sin første sølvsmie i hjertet av København. 30 år senere hadde han skapt et internasjonalt navn for seg selv, og da han døde i 1935 kalte New York Herald Tribune ham for "den største sølvsmeden i de siste 300 årene."