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Candelabrum 1075

Sterling Silver
Koppel 3527747 https://www.georgjensen.com/europe/fine-silverware/silver-candle-holders/candelabrum-1075/3527747.html

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This candelabrum is a good example of how Koppel’s later designs adopted a tauter idiom in comparison with the earlier very organic works like his pitchers. The design is still very strong and superior but more simple, symmetric and less curvy.

The body of this candelabrum is made out of two pieces which are soldered together. From a flat sheet of silver the shape of the candelabra is cut out and then the silver is raised to form the body and the arms. The edges of the two halves are grinded and adjusted to a perfect fit and then soldered together. Thereafter, the bottom and the candle holders are soldered on. When the candle holders are made and soldered on it must be done with the utmost perfection, otherwise the candles will drip!

The actual candle holders on Candelabrum 1075 are separate pieces which are soldered on the rim of the three tops. Here the silversmith must make sure that they are 100% centred on the rim. Another challenge for the silversmith is to ensure that the distance between the table and the two lower candle holders are the same. The distance between each of the three candle holders has to be the same and the top of all three candle holders have to be levelled.

This is of course a very simplified description of the production – a lot more steps go into making this candelabrum, which are made 100% by hand.

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