Curve bangles and earrings in 18 kt. Gold and sterling silver designed by Regitze Overgaard

Capturing the beauty of a perfect arc with Curve

The Curve Collection

Capturing the exquisite beauty of a perfect contour, the new Curve collection is a bold and sculptural continuation of Georg Jensen’s rich heritage of organic jewellery design. Masterfully crafted arcs join together with contrasting sharp lines to create powerful contemporary pieces whilst the interplay between soft and hard, and sterling silver and yellow-gold adds an artistic and sensuous aspect. 


The perfect curve can often be found in the natural world. The inside of a broken seashell, the gentle arc of a flowerhead bursting from a bud or the transient shape a wave leaves on the sand - all are examples of how nature effortlessly creates beauty every day. Always inspired by the world around her, designer Regitze Overgaard worked tirelessly to create her own perfect arc in her Curve collection for Georg Jensen.

Nature. Formed. celebrates the very special relationship between design and elements of nature that formed their original inspiration. From the rugged coastlines and beautiful forests to the very special Northern light - nature has played a part in the materials, shapes and textures of much of what we understand to be true Nordic style. The fluidity of a bracelet, the colour of a vase, the curve of a neck ring - all can be seen to reference the environment in which the creators lived, breathed and worked.

Organic Curve bangle in sterling silver from Georg Jensen

Curve is a continuation of Georg Jensen's unique heritage of organic sculptural jewellery.


The Curve rings, earrings, bangles and neck rings have a sense of sophistication and elegance that particularly appeals to women who know their personal style and enjoy choosing their own jewellery. The collection also plays with convention by combining sterling silver and 18 karat yellow gold - either in one dramatic piece or by suggesting the owner wears different pieces together - giving an opportunity to express both individuality and strong personality.
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Danish designer Regitze Overgaard

"Jewellery pieces should enhance the wearer's beauty"

Designer Regitze Overgaard



Danish-born Regitze Overgaard is well known for incorporating both her love of natural forms and her recognition of expert craftsmanship into her organic and sensuous jewellery. She has a true understanding of how her pieces should enhance the wearer’s beauty rather than overwhelm it and she also appreciates the need for comfort and ease. Her work for Georg Jensen has put her at the very forefront of contemporary Scandinavian design.