PYRAMID 餐巾束环,两个

金字塔 3651375


Bring a little bit of timeless Art Deco-inspired style to your dinner table with the beautiful Pyramid cutlery. This 24 piece set comprises 6 place settings of dinner knife, dinner fork, dinner spoon and teaspoon, each with the distinctive pyramid decoration at the base. Perfect as a gift, the set can be the starting point for a larger collection.

The graphic lines of Harald Nielsen’s much-loved Pyramid cutlery evoke the glamour and style of the Art Deco movement whilst remaining totally modern. They add a classic touch to any dining room.

Masterfully crafted in stainless steel, Pyramid cutlery has a highly polished mirror finish that catches the light to bring a further level of luxury to the dining experience. All pieces are dishwasher proof.

  • 产品编号:3651375
  • 材质:镜面抛光不锈钢
  • 尺寸: 直径:40 厘米。
  • 设计年份:2013