Oxidized sterling silver grapes inspired rings on model from the Moonlight Grapes collection by Georg Jensen


使用纯银作为订婚或结婚戒指或许是斯堪的纳维亚极简主义珠宝设计的精髓所在,让人联想到纯洁、低调和精致。 无论是经典设计还是现代设计,抑或是有机形式,Georg Jensen 的银戒指都具有特殊的品质,使其成为真正永恒的礼物。

18K 黄金戒指   女士钻石戒指

  • 18K 黄金电镀纯银, 白瓷珐琅
  • 纯银, 钻石
  • 纯银, 钻石
  • 18K 黄金电镀纯银, 白瓷珐琅
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Silver Rings at Georg Jensen

Hands are often the most expressive parts of the body with small and large gesticulations catching the eye and underlining the spoken word and sterling silver rings are the perfect way of decorating your fingers. The cool lustre of the metal has an understated quality - even with bolder styles - and silver’s ability to compliment skin makes it a natural and easy choice.

We offer many different styles of sterling silver rings for women and their versatility and ease makes them work as an alternative to gold.

Sculptural rings are perfect finishing touches to an evening outfit and organic shapes reflect the modernist design heritage of Scandinavia. Experiment with stacking different styles together on one finger and across the hand and don’t be scared to mix sterling silver with different shades of gold.

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