Oxidized sterling silver large grapes inspired necklace with pendant on model from the Moonlight Grapes collection by Georg Jensen


纯银是彰显女性颈部美丽的完美贵金属,多年来一直是项链、吊坠和长链的最爱。 凭借其柔和而精致的光芒,银具有超凡脱俗的魅力,尤其适合简约的斯堪的纳维亚珠宝设计的有机美学。 一条银项链永远是一件值得珍惜的礼物。

金项链  钻石项链

  • 氧化纯银, 银白石
  • 纯银电镀铑, 钻石, 白瓷珐琅
  • 纯银, 白瓷珐琅
  • 纯银, 18K 玫瑰金
  • 18K 黄金电镀纯银, 白瓷珐琅
  • 18K 黄金电镀纯银, 白瓷珐琅
  • 18K 黄金电镀纯银, 白钻, 白瓷珐琅
  • 纯银, 白瓷珐琅
  • 18K 黄金电镀纯银, 白钻, 白瓷珐琅
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Silver Necklaces at Georg Jensen

Sterling silver is a particularly beautiful precious metal for necklaces and flatters all skin tones as it frames the face. Its reflective qualities also accentuate sculptural forms and make it the perfect foil for gems and semi-precious stones.  It is no wonder then that sterling silver necklaces for women have got such a place in their hearts.

A sterling silver necklace with a pendant make a perfect gift. Steeped with meaning, the charm hangs close to the heart so choose carefully from our huge selection of daisies, natural organic forms and even abstracted hearts themselves - there is sure to be something that reflects your relationship and feelings.

For a dash of glamour, add a sterling silver pendant with diamonds. It could be a discrete detail that catches the candlelight and evokes an air of sophisticated beauty or perhaps a sculptural motif that creates drama and expresses confident individuality. There is an option for every occasion and every personality. 

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