MAGIC 18K 白金戒指镶嵌美钻

18K 白金, 钻石 Magic 3569900




MAGIC takes its cues from you.

Its innovative shapes adapt to your look, whether it's dressed up or more casual. Perhaps this is the MAGIC quality the collection's name refers to - or else that the pieces are classic without sacrificing modern sensibility. Probably a bit of both. In any case, all the styles display the easy feel of unrehearsed elegance. MAGIC uses intriguing designs to turn the world's finest materials - including diamonds, 18-carat yellow and white gold, and now pearls - into pieces that you'll reach for day after day. Feminine pearls endow the collection with their one-of-a-kind innocence and purity. Integrating the sophistication of diamonds with the ingénue-like appeal of pearls, MAGIC is as multi-faceted as its name implies.

  • 产品编号: 3569900
  • 材质: 18K 白金
  • 石料: 钻石
  • 鑲嵌 9 顆總重 0.18 克拉鑽石
  • 请注意:配送时间取決于产品是否有现货。
  • 集: Magic系列