Georg Jensen Scandinavian design Halo collection bangle in 18kt.  yellow gold with white diamonds by Sophie Bille Brahe


钻石项链无疑是精致和奢华的极致,它有着与其耀眼的美丽相匹配的标志性力量。 镶入白金或黄金抑或是纯银中,钻石可以为服装增添无与伦比的魅力,也可以以极具现代感的方式显得精致而独立。 不论大小,无论用于吊坠或项圈,没有什么比钻石更能表达“我爱你”。

黄金手链  纯银手链

  • 18K 黄金, 白钻
  • 18K 黄金, 18K 白金, 18K 玫瑰金, 白钻
  • 纯银, 白钻
  • 18K 黄金, 白钻
  • 18K 白金, 白钻
  • 18K 白金, 白钻
  • 18K 白金, 白钻
  • 纯银, 18K 黄金, 钻石
  • 18K 玫瑰金, 白钻
  • 18K 白金, 钻石
  • 18K 黄金, 钻石
  • 18K 黄金, 白钻
  • 18K 黄金, 白钻
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Georg Jensen’s Diamond Bracelets: Understated Luxury

Diamond bracelets for women are some of the most wearable ways to wear diamonds. Peeping out from under the cuff of a shirt or knit, the gemstones catch the light as you move your hands but remain discrete and subtle.

Some of our most beautiful 18kt gold diamond bracelets and sterling silver diamond bracelets are the most understated. Scandinavian design favours pared back minimalism so diamonds are used as unexpected details that draw attention to organic shapes rather than stand centre stage, making them perfect for daytime.

For evening you can amp up the volume and be more bold with your jewellery. Our 18kt yellow gold diamond bangles are glamorous but sophisticated whilst some of the 18kt white gold bracelets or bangles have a cooler and more contemporary look.

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