WINE & BAR 软木塞开瓶器

镜面抛光不锈钢 Wine and Bar 3581625




Treat wine with the respect it deserves with this beautiful three piece set that is perfect for any wine lover or connoisseur. Ergonomic and sculptural, the corkscrew elevate the ceremony of opening and enjoying wine to an art form. The corkscrew fits beautifully into the hand making uncorking easy and smooth.

Industrial designer and architect Thomas Sandell aims to bring both beauty and functionality into his work. He researches and answers the principal requirements of products and then adds a sculptural element that elevates them to a whole other level.

The corkscrew is made from mirror-polished stainless steel.

  • 产品编号: 3581625
  • 材质: 镜面抛光不锈钢
  • 尺寸: 高:127 毫米。 宽:38 毫米。
  • 集: 葡萄酒和酒吧