GRAPE goblet 263A

Sterling Silver
Masterpieces 3521035

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The Grape design was first introduced with the Grape Bowls in 1918. The wine goblet on stem 263A was added to the selection in 1980 when it was decided to create this wine goblet based on the Grape Candlesticks. Three wine goblets were designed; one with amethyst, one with rubies and one in pure sterling silver.

As most of Georg Jensen’s designs this wine goblets is in the Art Nouveau style with the characteristic ornamental curved lines, organic structures, decorative ornaments of flora and fauna, and the use of honest and skilfully crafted materials.

Like a vine, the stem is twisted and uneven, and small bunches of grapes are hanging down pendulously. Also in these hollowware pieces Georg Jensen has incorporated the nature as decoration. The surface of the actual goblet and the foot has the characteristic hammer marks, which Georg Jensen used to softens the reflection of light in the silver in order to create the greyish shimmer he associated with moonlight.

The Chaser has worked on the stem to make the pattern clearer and has also applied the hammer marks.

Before soldering together the foot and the stem and then the goblet, the silversmith spends a significant amount of time lining up the pieces to make sure that the angles are absolutely perfect. The smallest inaccuracy will make the goblet look crooked.

The small bunches of grapes are cast and polished individually and then soldered on the twisted branch – a heavy string of silver - which the silversmith has bent to fit underneath the goblet. The silversmith then solders the branch with the grapes onto the goblet.

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