Candelabrum 278

Sterling silver


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Candelabrum 278 is a good example of the simplicity that characterises Harald Nielsen’s designs. Nature is only present in a highly stylised form and decoration was used only to accentuate the form.

Candelabrum 278 is an exquisite item with fine details that challenges the silversmith. For instance the curves at the top of the plateau must be filed perfectly; otherwise they will reveal even the tiniest inaccuracy when the beads, the leaves and arms are soldered on.

The beautiful floating arms must have the exact same curve and they must be in perfect angle horizontally as well as vertically before they are soldered on. The slightest inaccuracy will result in a dripping candle.

In the decoration underneath the candleholders you will see a small twig and a small bead. Though they are the smallest elements they are the final pieces to be soldered on as they require the least amount of heat. When these two pieces are soldered on the silversmith has to heat up the arms, the candleholders and the larger beads so that they all have the same temperature. The challenge is to heat up the pieces just enough to solder on the two final pieces. If the pieces are heated up too much the previous soldering will loosen up and the whole piece will fall apart.

  • Item number: 3527730
  • Materials: Sterling Silver
  • Measurements: H: 6.1 inches. W: 4.29 inches. L: 7.95 inches.
  • Design year: 1928
  • Note: The delivery time is subject to stock availability.