Pitcher 974B

Sterling Silver
Koppel 3523998 https://www.georgjensen.com/en-us/fine-silverware/silver-pitchers/pitcher-974b/3523998.html

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Henning Koppel’s Pitcher 974B is a unique item decorated with a flat silver thread. The silver thread which 'extends' the 'neck' is inspired by the african tradition of giving a girl a new ring to put around her neck each year.

To make Pitcher 974B the silversmith cuts out two identical flat pieces of silver which are then shaped i.e. raised by the same technique as the covered dish 1026. When the silversmith has gone through the long process of raising the silver, heating it often to ensure that it stays soft and flexible he continues to work on the surface with many different hammers to make it smooth. When the two halves have their final shape they are given a final press in a form to ensure a perfect fit. The edges of the two halves are grinded and carefully prepared for a perfect fit and they are then carefully soldered together.

One of the challenges with Pitcher 974B is that the soldering seams must be invisible – and watertight of course!

The bottom is the last part to be soldered on.

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