KOPPEL Crystal Carafe with wire

Crystal glass, Sterling Silver
Koppel 10011669 https://www.georgjensen.com/en-us/fine-silverware/silver-pitchers/koppel-crystal-carafe-with-wire/10011669.html

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The Koppel crystal carafe is decorated with a flat pure silver thread. The silver thread which 'extends' the 'neck' is inspired by the African tradition of giving a girl a new ring to put around her neck each year.

Crystal glass has fascinated cultures throughout the world for thousands of years due to its ability to capture and reflect light. It is most commonly used for drinking glasses, decanters, ornaments and jewellery. The crystal glass has been chosen due to its allure and transparency, making a beautiful contrast to the distinctive fine silver wrapping.

Product care:

Avoid letting any wine remain in the crystal glass carafe and glasses. We recommend to rinse in lukewarm water as soon as possible after the items have been used, and then wash by hand in mild soapy water and wiped dry with a soft cotton cloth. To absorb any remaining moisture in the carafe, insert a long strand of absorbent kitchen paper overnight.

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