Danish silversmith and founder of company with same name of jewellery in art nouveau and art deco style Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen’s 156th Birthday

Celebrating the Life of Georg Jensen

1866 – 1935

 At the heart of Georg Jensen is the man himself. The philosophy of our namesake silversmith, is to create innovative designs that are both beautiful and functional. Trained as a sculptor, Jensen was fired by the spirit of innovation and artistic invention and set out to forge a bold new path in silver design. It is with this passion and skill as a silver smithy that Georg Jensen has become a design house built on the foundation of exceptional silver craftsmanship.

Founder Georg Jensen and tools for silver craftsmanship

Georg Jensen grew up close to forests and lakes just north of Copenhagen. Nature was his core source of inspiration. Symbols of the natural world weave a common thread throughout his designs: fruits, blossoms, leaves and organic shapes.

Sterling silver coaster from the Grapes Collection designed by Georg Jensen
2022 Limited edition

Grapes Coaster 394

We are celebrating Georg Jensen’s 156th birthday with a special and limited edition of the sterling silver Grape Coaster 394, handcrafted in Copenhagen. Available in only 156 units globally, the 2022 edition is specially hand engraved and numbered, serving as a timeless reminder to celebrate the talent and values that Georg Jensen endowed: an innovative spirit, impeccable craftsmanship, and a Danish design sensibility.

Hand crafted sterling silver coaster at Georg Jensen HQ


1905 – The Blossom Collection

Inspired by the perennial joy of a spring day, The Blossom collection is the essence of ultimate beauty and luxury. Featuring the magnolia bud, a traditional element in Japanese art, the collection is the most thoroughly Art Nouveau of all Georg Jensen's works. Its delicate hammer marks are distinctive and distinguished elements of Georg Jensen's design language.

Fine sterling silver tea pot 2A from the Blossom collection designed by Georg Jensen

In 1905, Georg Jensen designs his legendary blossom teapot no. 2A in sterling silver with an ivory handle, later exchanged for mammoth tusk. The Blossom collection gives us an eye into the master's ability to look at a landscape or bouquet and bring them to life in silver. The pieces are whimsical, fascinating, and unexpectedly beautiful.

Sterling Silver craftsmanship at Georg Jensen HQ in Frederiksberg

1918 – The Grape Collection

Jensen continues to epitomise Art Nouveau with his Grape collection. True to life, its stem is twisted and curled, reminiscent of grapes on the vine, hanging above an outdoor patio. The Grape collection announced that nature, at its most pure, could be decoration. Georg Jensen used his iconic technique of sophisticated hammer marks to soften the reflection of light in the silver and create a greyish shimmer he associated with moonlight. The result is a haunting glow that evokes the soft light of a delicately lit evening.

Drawing of grapes collection by Georg Jensen compared to still life image


The decorative ornaments of flora and fauna in the Grape collection have been reworked and reinterpreted into a range of sophisticated jewelry pieces as part of the Moonlight Grapes collection. This collection although undoubtedly classic and discrete, evokes the glamour of the Art Nouveau era.