コッペル(KOPPEL) ウォールクロック、コッパー、ホワイトダイヤル (22CM)

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This is a Georg Jensen clock with precision quartz movement. The clock uses AA batteries - one is included with the purchase. The precision of the clock is +/- 1 second per day or 15 seconds per month.

The copper has been varnished to protect it against oxidization and corrosion and will maintain its shiny surface. Do not polish the clock as this may scratch the protective varnish.

  • 製品番号: 3587523
  • 素材: 銅, ABS樹脂
  • 寸法: W: 60mm Ø: 220mm
  • デザイン年: 1978
  • 発売年: 2013