MÖBIUS pendant - 18 kt. gold

18Kイエローゴールド, ラバー
メビウス 3517473 https://www.georgjensen.com/ja-jp/jewellery/necklaces-and-pendants/moebius-necklace-with-pendant/3517473.html


無料のギフトラッピング 無料のギフトラッピング

In math, a MÖBIUS is a shape with one surface and one edge. The collection is built upon this fascinating shape, rendered beautifully in each separate piece. It is a fluid, infinite shape that inspires reflection. Launched in 1968, MÖBIUS is a great example of Georg Jensen design from the mid to late 20th century. They encompass philosophy and beauty, an artistic creation that turns an unusual shape into a stunning piece of jewelry.

Inner and outer beauty come together in MÖBIUS.