インフィニティ バイ ジョージ ジェンセン(INFINITY BY GEORG JENSEN) ペンダント – スターリングシルバー

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INFINITY by Georg Jensen –for the 100th anniversary of Georg Jensen

INFINITY by Georg Jensen builds on that theme and takes its design inspiration from the symbol for infinity and the number “8.” Famed designer Regitze Overgaard chose this theme because it is a way to reflect on the past as well as look to the future. Her designs consistently focus on the shape of a piece as the design itself, rather than additional adornment. The pendant is a continuous loop, a visionary take on an ancient symbol. All of the pieces in the line are substantial but have a lightness and sense of movement. The curved shape is easy to wear, a great addition to your every day look.

A modern interpretation of a timeless theme.

  • 製品番号: 3536085
  • 素材: スターリングシルバー
  • 寸法: H: 23mm L: 450mm Panzer chain