FUSION イヤーフープ

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FUSION–perfection is greater than the sum of its parts

A love for nature no matter what the season is part of being Danish. Crafted in 18-carat white, yellow and red gold, FUSION is inspired by the four seasons. Yellow gold evokes the warmth of the summer sun, red gold is inspired by the changing colours of autumn leaves and white gold brings to mind an icy winter landscape. A natural tableau, rendered in nature’s most precious materials.

The exact dimensions of the end and centre pieces are executed with precision so that they join perfectly, creating a seamless whole. The earhoops fit comfortably on pierced ears.

  • 製品番号: 3519806
  • 素材: 18Kローズゴールド, 18Kホワイトゴールド, 18Kイエローゴールド
  • 寸法: W: 5mm Ø: 23mm 10mm pin
  • デザイン年: 2000