Ornament Star Large palladium plated

ヨハネ 3502110


JOHANNE Large Star Ornament - palladium plated

JOHANNE–begin your own Christmas traditions

JOHANNE was Georg Jensen’s great love and muse. Inspired by his original drawings from his most productive and in-love period, designer Rebecca Uth gives new life to Jensen’s joy with JOHANNE. Magnolias and campanula, done in the Art Deco style that was popular at the time, are mixed with traditional Christmas motifs to create a collection that is both classic and current.

The JOHANNE collection is filled with ornaments, topstars, candlesticks and wreaths that are beautiful and perennially stylish.

  • 製品番号: 3502110
  • 素材: パラジウム
  • 寸法: H: 115mm W: 5mm L: 103mm
  • デザイン年: 2010