2014 Christmas Mobile Fir Tree and Doves, palladium plated

クリスマス コレクション 3588214


Christmas is that special time of year when our thoughts go to our loved ones - near or far, dreams come true and fairy tales are brought to life. In Karen Bit Vejle’s magical universe of paper cuts, she has combined these elements to give us her personal interpretation of the holiday season inspired by H.C. Andersen’s classic Christmas tale of the Fir Tree.

In addition to the traditional red ribbon, the mobile comes with a special green ribbon.

  • 製品番号: 3588214
  • 素材: 真鍮(パラジウムメッキ仕上げ)
  • 寸法: H: 85mm W: 31mm Ø: 28mm
  • デザイン年: 2014
  • コレクション: クリスマスコレクション