2015 Christmas Mobile Heart, palladium plated

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Hearts and stars unite with mistletoe in Louise Campbell´s beautiful Christmas collection that sparkles with all that is Christmas: love, tradition, joy, and memories shared with family and friends. And sharing was in the designer´s heart when creating this collection. To Louise Campbell, the holiday season is very much about giving. Caring for others as well as creating magical moments with children were her inspiration. As the festive ornaments of the holiday season, these treasures accentuate and enhance any Christmas setting. Treat yourself and those you love to a beautiful symbol of the 2015 holiday season, and a dear future memory.

In addition to the traditional red ribbon, the mobile comes with a special pink ribbon.

  • Item number: 3588215
  • Materials: Palladium plated brass
  • Measurements: H: 88 mm. W: 89 mm.
  • Launch year: 2015