INDULGENCE vase, large

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As much a piece of minimalist sculpture as a designer vase, the Indulgence vase challenges our usual perceptions. Tall, sleek and unconventional, the flat shape narrows as it gets towards the top, making the vase particularly striking when used for just a single flower or branch. It makes a perfect gift for someone with a bold sense of style.

Danish born Helle Damkjær has worked with Georg Jensen on many different projects. Her Indulgence collection of champagne coolers, oyster trays and vases display an abstract and unexpected vision of luxurious living.

The modern stainless steel vase has a mirror-polished finish which reflects both the room and the contents of the vase, adding a further dimension of beauty.

  • Item number: 3586125
  • Materials: Mirror polished stainless steel
  • Measurements: H: 420 mm. W: 125 mm. Ø: 65 mm.


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