RUNA pendant - 18 kt yellow gold with malachite

RUNA pendant - 18 kt yellow gold with malachite

Runa 3517171


Named after ViviannaTorun Bülow-Hübe’smother, The Vivianna Runa Collection merges a striking simplicity with the impressive nature of colouredgemstones. These elegant pieces highlight the unfathomable beauty provided by nature itself and makes for a stunning eye-catcher with beautiful gemstones as a hypnotic focal point.

Malachite was named for the Greek word for "mallows" as relating to the green of the leaves. Its opaque, beautiful, rich green color is often found banded or even with stripes.
Malachite is a stone of transformation, protection and prosperity.

  • Item number: 3517171
  • Materials: 18 kt. yellow gold
  • Stones: Malachite
  • Measurements: L: 3.15 inches. Ø: 10 and 16 mm
  • Launch year: 2016