2017 Calendar Candle, gold print

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The design behind this year’s Christmas Collectibles came from the desginer Alfredo Häberli's childhoold Christmas traditions.

“When I was a child, a Christmas tradition was for my family to get together at our grandparents’ hotel. We had a fantastic time, and coming from a Swiss-German family we always had a real fir tree, although sometimes it felt a little strange in Argentina in the middle of summer, without snow. We had many other traditions, such as singing, playing instruments, decorating the tree and giving presents. I thought about which object represents Christmas for me: a star, a glass bauble, the three kings, Santa Clause, and an angel”.

“I looked at the concept and function of the collectible, and I decided to focus on the angel. I created different sizes, shapes and I made some decorative holes symbolizing snowflakes or starry skies. If you look carefully, the angels are part of the Alfredo Collection. They have a twist, which will hopefully make you smile and warm your heart. If this is your reaction, then I have succeeded with its purpose!” - Alfredo Häberli.

  • Item number: 10002905
  • Materials: Paraffin
  • Measurements: H: 7.87 inches.
  • Launch year: 2017