2016 Ornament set, Magnolia Leaf and Leaf with Berries, gold plated

Christmas Collectibles 3405790


The design behind this year’s Christmas Collectibles is based on the Christmas Wreath, the symbol of welcome and hospitality that greets our visitors at the front door during the Christmas season. It speaks of the warmth and comfort that awaits us inside the homes of friends and family.

The Christmas Wreath, made with the smooth organic forms of the leaves of the magnolia tree, sits between the frosty magic of the outdoors and the rich colourful interior of the home. The design plays with this inside/outside theme, making some of the designs solid and others hollow. Light passes through the leaves or glitters and bounces of them.

  • Item number: 3405790
  • Materials: 18 kt. gold plated zinc alloy
  • Measurements: Magnolia leaf: H: 55 mm W: 33 mm. Magnolia leaf with berris: H: 53 mm W: 38 mm
  • Launch year: 2016
  • Collection: Christmas Collectibles