LEGACY Hochglanzpoliert Schüssel, groß

Hochglanzpolierter Edelstahl Legacy 3586862

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LEGACY is based on the premise that new styles can embody the craftsmanship and quality of classic items.

Introduced in 2009, Philip Bro Ludvigsen’s LEGACY collection reminds us that beautiful house wares need not be old-fashioned to be the kinds of pieces that are passed down through generations. Following the warm reception of the original LEGACY pieces, the designer now introduces a series of bowls that have the same appealingly shiny, curved surfaces that won the original designs so many admirers. Made of mirror polished stainless steel, they have the durability required of a true legacy. The rounded, reflective shapes of LEGACY can be used for anything: they make an elegant addition to a snack tray and give mundane items like keys or coins a beautiful home.

Use them to create a seasonal display that will be remembered long after the season has changed.

  • Artikelnummer: 3586862
  • Material: Hochglanzpolierter Edelstahl
  • Maße: H: 111 mm Ø: 250 mm
  • Das Produkt ist lebensmittelgeeignet.