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VOYAGE shoehorn

VOYAGE–one of the new travel essentials

The VOYAGE shoehorn eases the stress of hectic mornings and busy schedules

These days, we travel more than ever before. Anyone who is often “on-the-go” knows how stressful it can be. The entire VOYAGE collection was designed with the busy traveller in mind and the shoehorn was added to the collection in 2009.

For maximum convenience, the shoehorn has a weighted “foot” so that it stands up straight, making it easy to grab on your way out the door. It is also possible to attach a rubber strap and hang it from a hook if that suits you better.

As elegant as it is functional, the VOYAGE shoehorn is perfect for your busy lifestyle.

Design Year: 2009

Materials: Stainless steel, ABS and rubber

Measurements: H: 534mm, W: 92,5mm, D: 23mm

Designer: Michael Young

UK-born Michael Young is one of the most influential designers of his generation. Kortrijk Design Biennale Director Max Borka says describes Young’s importance thusly: “one can not underestimate the dramatic influence his work has had on design.” Since 1992, his works have been become part of the permanent collections of the Centre Pompidou, the Louvre, Die Neue Sammlung Museum and London’s Design Museum.

Young’s clients include Galley Kreo, Danese, Artemide, Rosenthal & Swedese and the Icelandic nightclub Astro Bar. He recently presented new works for Established & Sons in Milan alongside such luminaries as Zaha Hadid and Future Systems. Since creating a studio in Hong Kong, he has embarked on a range of branding and design projects, including a City Storm bike for Giant, a barware range for Schweppes and bottles for Asahi.

Young’s work builds on the legacy of Danish functionalism, with a firm grasp on technology and the needs of today. He designed a number of travel accessories for Georg Jensen, a nod to the increasing globalisation of our world. Design is part of everyday life and Young has been an important force in bringing cutting edge design to mass markets. His work encourages us to reexamine the role of design in our lives.

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