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ARCHIVE COLLECTION bracelet - Sterling silver

An iconic piece of eye-catching jewellery - contemporary design with a nostalgic nod to the past.

The bracelet has an integrated lock.

Design year: 1958

Materials: Sterling silver
Measurements: L: 18.8 cm

Designer: Arno Malinowski

Arno Malinowski was one of the most versatile designers who ever worked for the Georg Jensen Silver smithy. He was successful not only as a designer of silver objects, but also as a sculptor, ceramist, engraver and medalist.

Malinowski was associated with the Georg Jensen silver smithy for many years, from 1936 to 1944, and again from 1949 to 1965 creating designs for jewellery and hollowware.

His jewellery designs are particularly distinctive and easily recognised. Like Georg Jensen, Malinowski was inspired by naturalistic motifs, however, his designs did not carry the same stylistic elements of Georg Jensen's designs. His experience in designing medals played out well in his designs, which often featured various scenes, rather than static elements, and subdued forms with polished surfaces were distinctly different from the highly rendered motifs in the past. Often floral accents had an almost geometric nature to them, forming starbursts, rather than detailed petals, and an art deco feel still held true to his designs.

He also designed the "Kingmark" to celebrate the 70th birthday of King Christian in 1940. The Kingmark was produced in great number and worn by Danes to show their loyalty to Denmark and their resistance to the German occupation.

Malinowski participated in many exhibitions and won numerous awards for his designs. He received a silver medal at the Paris World Exhibition in 1925, the Eckersberg Medal in 1933 and the Carlson Prize in 1936.

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